Hi there,

A little about me :)


 I'm Mel Sherwell + I have been pursuing my love of interior design for a little over 10 years now. Im a qualified Interior Designer with 4 years of formal design education under my belt + I have both my Diploma + Advanced Diploma in Interior Design.

I'm mum to two gorgeous kids + wife to my hubby, Jai.  I have lived a colourful life, having travelled around Australia many times + often feel like a cat with 9 lives. I really feel my free spirit has allowed me to have so many experiences in my life, so many lessons and opportunities have come my way + Im really so thank full for all of them.  Looking back I can see how I was hugely influenced through my travels to explore design + space.

Embracing a life of holistic living is a path I began over 15 years ago. Through my own practice, I have deepened my understanding of the universe + how to enhance our energy + connection to source. I'm completely dedicated to staying connected and living a life of healthy mind, body + spirit.  I'm so pumped that 'Soul Shapes' was born out of my desire to communicate the important relationship good design has with enhanced wellbeing. 

Living a life of peace + contentment is a beautiful gift that we owe to ourselves to create + Im so honoured to be able to use my skills as a designer to create spaces that elevate others in their own journey. 


My design capabilities are wide, ranging from large scale commercial projects to residential design + styling.  Staying updated + on point with all things 'design' is truely just a typical part of my day to day + is definitely a healthy obsession I am proud to have.I can work with all design styles + I love so many, but it's more important to find what's right for my client and the space.

I'm confident in;  

  • Modern - Contemporary

  • Japandi + Scandi

  • Mediterranean/Mykonos/ Moroccan Resort
  • Japanese Zen

  • Boho /Eclectic

  • Art Deco

  • Mountain Chic

  • Coastal - Hamptons

  • Mid Century Modern

  • Industrial Chic

  • Combining many styles for a unique look

My goal as a designer has always been to become versed in as many styles as possible and I really do appreciate and love all styles in the right context.  This gives my clients the freedom to explore & refine their own style whilst we are in the conceptual stage. I believe every building, project + client has a style soul to be discovered and this is the starting point in my design process.  I then explore deeper to find what are the complimentary styles and sources of inspiration I can incorporate to make the space as layered + personal to the client as possible.

Getting personal in a space is everything!

Many times my clients don't really know what the perfect style is for their project. One of the benefits of my intuitive, spiritual lifestyle is that I am able to really connect with my clients, enhancing this conceptual discovery phase. When a space is designed in alignment with the soul of the building and the taste of the client,  the result is a space that actually feels as good as it looks. With my very wide design style knowledge I can offer clients a broader scope and guide them in  discovering their true north + deliver the depth that good design requires.

I like to chat with clients over a coffee or a wine and lift the lid on their exact vision and design goals. I truely love creating unique spaces and I love the amazing people I get to meet along the way. 

I look forward to working with you + bringing the magic to your next project!


Mel Sherwell x