A little about me :) 

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Hi there, I'm Mel Sherwell, based in Melbourne, I’m a qualified Interior Designer holding both a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Interior Design.

I have lived a colourful, some might say, gypsy life, before settling down and committing to my work. I really feel my free spirit has allowed me to have so many experiences in my life. Looking back, I can see how I was hugely influenced through my travels to explore design and space.

I'm completely dedicated to my biophilic approach to interior design, staying connected and living a life of healthy mind, body and spirit. I'm so pumped that 'Soul Shapes' was born out of my desire to communicate the important relationship good design has with enhanced wellbeing.

Living a life of peace and contentment is a beautiful gift that we owe to ourselves to create, and I’m so honoured to be able to use my skills as an interior design consultant to create spaces that elevate others in their own journey.

My design capabilities are wide, ranging from large scale biophilic commercial design projects to residential design and styling. Staying updated and on point with all things 'design' is truly just a typical part of my day to day life and is definitely a healthy obsession I am proud to have. I can work with all design styles and I love so many, but it's more important to find what's right for my client and the space.

My goal as a designer and interior design consultant has always been to become versed in as many styles as possible, and I really do appreciate and love all styles in the right context. This gives my clients the freedom to explore and refine their own style whilst we are in the conceptual stage. I believe every building, project and client has a style soul to be discovered and this is the starting point in my design process. I then explore deeper to find what are the complementary styles and sources of inspiration I can incorporate to make the space as layered and personal to the client as possible.

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Getting personal in a space is everything!

Many times, my clients don't really know what the perfect style is for their project. One of the benefits of my intuitive, spiritual lifestyle is that I am able to really connect with my clients, enhancing this conceptual discovery phase. When a space is designed in alignment with the soul of the building and the taste of the client, the result is a space that actually feels as good as it looks. With my wide design style knowledge of home and commercial interior design and my experience as an interior design consultant, I can offer clients a broader scope and guide them in discovering their true north, delivering the depth that good design requires.

I like to chat with clients over a coffee or a wine so I can lift the lid on their exact vision and design goals. I truly love creating unique spaces and I love the amazing people I get to meet along the way. 

I look forward to working with you and bringing the magic to your next project.


Mel Sherwell x