Free morning meditation! 48 hours only!

Morning Soulies ,

Today I wanted to give you a trial of GAIA.COM and this beautiful morning practice for free.

Waking up to practice is like the best natural pill you can take to relieve stress and anxiety! Many think it’s too slow or boring to do anything but you have to trust the process! It’s more often than not in life the simple things that bring us the peace we are looking for. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cardio session and hit the treadmill every second day or so ( usually;) , but there is something I get from yoga that nothing else can give me! Have a go, be open and know that it can take a few tries of some different types of yoga before you find your noticing the hidden magic it can bring to your life! I love, there is so much variety and cool docos too. So go and try the below and if you missed the 48 hours that I’m keeping it available, then go ahead and sign up or stay tuned for more free videos in the future.

Enjoy + namaste