How To Ground Your Self + Your Home With My Top 5 Indoor Plants!

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Well, it’s that time again, when I like to have a little write and connect with you guys in 'Soul Circle'. I hope your all well and life is sailing along nicely for you! I know this thing we call life is not always a smooth ride and for this reason, it’s so important to at least make sure your home makes you feel happy, safe and supported!

With that in mind I got thinking about how much I rely on my indoor green friends to keep me grounded and feeling connected. In my home there is nowhere you can go that doesn’t have plants, actually, I lie, my teenage daughters' room doesn’t have plants because she thinks they are “totally uncool Mum, I’m not a Nana she says”. So I let her off, and although she thinks she’s escaping the benefits of indoor plants, she unknowingly is soaking up the good vibes of Mum’s plants every time she’s in the bathroom, lounging on the sofa or just hanging in the kitchen.

A Japanese Photographer Captures the Mysterious Power of Forest Bathing Photography by  Yoshinori Mizutani

A Japanese Photographer Captures the Mysterious Power of Forest Bathing Photography by Yoshinori Mizutani

When I say ‘good vibes’, what I actually mean is the essential oils called phytoncide that a plant produces to protect itself from disease. These phytoncide oils are also released into the air and inhaled by those who live and exist around them. This is the idea behind the Japanese practice called ‘Forest Bathing’ which in 1982 became part of Japans National health program. Basically, ‘Japanese Forest Bathing’, is simply spending time walking in and around nature and because forest air is actually substantially different to suburban air, it has been proven to reduce cortisol levels (stress) increasing the parasympathetic nervousness system, (relaxing us). Though the most interesting finding is that forest air, when inhaled, increases NK cells which are known to boost our immune system and contribute to cancer prevention. Amazing right!!! 

Perhaps this could explain Biophilia, a hypothesis that suggests humans have an innate need and affinity to be in close connection with nature and other living things.  Maybe we instinctively know that surrounding ourselves with other natural life forms like plants gives us vital and life-saving health benefits.  I know for me personally, when I am around plants and trees, I instantly feel a sigh of relief. I feel happy inside and I'm reminded that I too, just like the plants in my home, are a natural being. This makes me feel super grounded and actually elevates my energy. Along with the undeniable, scientifically proven physiological benefits, there is so much research on how plant life effects us on a psychological and even spiritual level. It's believed that when we visually see and come into contact with plant life, this reminds us of our own roots as natural beings, creating a shift in the psych. This reminder can take us out of our busy lifes and help put into perspective whats truely important in our lives and really the true nature of our own existance. When I design a space to include plants, there is something deeper that happens that increases my well being and I know that I need it and that I love it!

So if you're looking to bring some good feeling vibes into your interiors then I highly recommend that you look at the benefits of living in and around nature a little more closely. If your perhaps feeling a little out of sorts and not sure how to get your self-balanced I can guarantee you that although the humble plant will not fix all your problems, I’m 100 % confident even one plant on the kitchen bench, bathroom or living room coffee table will make you feel a little more you, a little more grounded and potentially increase your overall wellbeing. Obviously, the more plants, the more of those good essential oils in the air,the lower the stress levels, the higher your immune system! Sooooo go plant crazy and watch your self-become happier, healthier and connected!

So I have narrowed down my 5 favourite indoor plants to get your Biophilia interior goals on point! Now I have left out the Fiddle Leaf's, Monstera's, Devils Ivy etc. as I feel by now most people will know these very popular indoor plants (If you don't please check them out). They are what I like to call the Mac Donalds varieties of the plant world. Although they are gorgeous and I do love and recommend them, I thought I would give you 5, not as commonly used indoor plants just to mix it up a little ;)

1. Aloe Vera -  This is an amazingly easy plant to bring into any space. I have some hanging from my living room ceiling in my bathroom and kitchen and massive pot with a huge cluster that looks so cool. Aloe’s can handle very little light and very little water. Although they can survive and thrive in full light too. They also multiply really easy so you can break some off and re-plant and spread them into other areas!

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 10.42.19 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 10.27.34 pm.png



2. Lepismium cruciforme is such a cool looking cactus. It has long, succulent stems that twist as they grow and small, white, fuzzy thorns that do not hurt along the stems. Plants can become solid pink to almost maroon in full sun. The stems segments are extremely variable, sometimes 3, 4, or even 5-angled, up to 20 inches. Such a quirky plant, perfect for someone with personality ;)

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 10.46.38 pm.png

3. Prayer Plant - I love this plant and how it got its name is just gorgeous! So at night time the leaves of the prayer plant raise their leaves to an upright position, folding their leaves together like hands praying. How sweet is that!  Now there are about 50 different varieties of prayer plants but the most popular is the Maranta. I love the Maranta Black which has silver centre with purple stripes! Keep them out of direct light , perfect for indoors and keep soil moist!


4. Bird of Paradise.- Yes these beauties make beautiful indoor plants. They do require a well lit area, so in front of a sunny window is a must! They are suited to rainforest conditions so try an create your own micro climate by spraying mist onto them at least once a day. Another thing to note is, BOP don't like their root system disturbed so once you pot you will need to leave it for pretty much ever or else be happy to wait another 3 + years for it to flower. I know crazy but true!

5. Elephant Ear- There are again so many varieties but the one I like is the ‘Alocasia macrorrhiza Odora (Upright) These beauties can get huge! They like a sun lit position but can handle medium to low light too. Very hardy, hard to kill. Their leaves are so huge and bring those perfect jungle feels!



Well thats it from me this week, I hope I have inspired those of you not yet experimenting with indoor plants to give it a ago. If your already as into indoor greenery as me, well I hope I have given you a little inspo to keep it up and appreciate just how amazing a home with plants is!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to start sharing your own favs below!

Talk soon

Mel xx

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