Many of you may have seen that on every instagram post I use the hashtag #spaceswithsoul. This is a phrase, that for me, really narrowed down my approach to interior design. But there is a little more to it then just some fluffy catch phrase, so today, I want to give you a little more of an insight into what the term ‘SPACES WITH SOUL’ really means and what the Soul Shapes design narrative actually is.

SOUL SHAPES Mel Sherwell

SOUL SHAPES Mel Sherwell

First and formost, priority in the design, whether residential or commercial, is to improve health + wellbeing. Like anything in life, nothing can grow and flourish without a good foundation, a solid starting point. Those well versed in spirutual awareness and enlightened living, will most certainly agree that a healthy spirit + a connected, self aware soul is pivotal in creating the perfect foundation for health and wellbeing. A seed won’t grow without the right soil, a cake wont bake without the right temperature. For true happiness, health and growth, our inner soul connection, our awareness of our true core self must be unravelled and understood before anything else.

I know this to be true with every ounce of my being. I have lived it, I have worked it!

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Over many many years I have researched, listened, read anything I could on spiritual living. I have such a comfortable, natural understanding and appreciation of how important it is to develop and nourish our soul connection, so much so I have dedicated my life to it! For me, there really is nothing that we should prioritise before this aspect of our self. I am living proove that this is true as I have changed my inner and external world to a place of peace. I live a life of pure internal joy. (not always, geez I can’t beat PMS, TMI? lol :) Like so many, I have had a life of emotional challenges over the years, my connection to my soul has allowed me to come out the other side, happy, peaceful with no hate in my heart for those who hurt me. I appreciate so so much that my life journeys have lead me to understand this very important aspect of myself and I’m so excited to explore with my clients/readers how our external world, particularly the built environment, interplays and enhances our internal spiritual world.

It’s this curiosity of ‘How does our external world enhance our inner world’’ that brings me to incorporating interior design into the process of creating that perfect foundation we need to thrive.

SOUL SHAPES Mel Sherwell

SOUL SHAPES Mel Sherwell

We are all natural beings and it has been said that ‘Mind, Body and Spirit are not seperate aspects of ourselves, they are infact all intertwined and dependant on each other. If this is the truth (it totally is) then of course our exchange with the material world, our physical experience and interactions with our physical body are to be impactful to the health of our ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’

One of the major design perspectives included in the Soul Shapes scope is to acknowledge and incorporate the very strong relationship found between people and the material/built environment. Materiality in our physical world emitts energy, it is energy, just as we are. Nothing really is seperate and there are many many constant, varying energy reactions created between people and the material world everyday. These exchanges/interactions have a cause and effect reaction on our own energy bodies in ways that can either elevate and enhance, or restrict and close off our soul connection, thus our health + wellbeing!

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With this framework, we then look to a biophilic perspective and begin to understand why this is HUGELY important in our design process. The whole idea that we as natural human beings are innately drawn to nature and that we innately feel happier when in nature, really is not some weird phenomenon. We too, like nature, are nature! We are all made from the same ingredients, it makes perfect sense that as natural beings we of course are going to feel happier, energised and more alive and of course connected to our soul, when we are in nature!

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Our current built world creates so much separation from our natural world. We are stuck in small buildings with little natural air, often little sunlight. We are basically the equivilant of sticking a beautiful plant in the cupboard. No wonder so many feel seperate from themselves, suffering with depression and anxiety.

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The Soul Shapes ‘SPACES WITH SOUL’ biophilic approch really is about bringing us back to our roots, taking us out of the cupboard and putting us back in the most beautiful nutritious soil and incorporating as many natural elements into our interiors. Using natural, sustainable materials that breathe and align with our own energy is a beautiful way to really reconnect us to our true essence and this is of course is paramount in the scope.


There are so many ways to get us conected again and I love to experiment and explore the many ways that I can work with clients to bring in the elements of water, fire, air + earth. Stimluating the senses through these natural occurrences energises humans on the deepest level, fostering that percfect environment for a healthy soul connection.

In addition to the biophilic perspective, we must also recognise the importance of considering our lifestyle habits into the design scope. Designing a home that encourages healthy habits is hugely important to Soul Shapes and our approach to designing for health and wellbeing. We work with clients to create tailored design solutions to help form and support ongoing healthy habits and lifestyle choices. Whether it be in the kitchen via custom storage and living garden installations, or simply designing a purposeful space to connect through at home yoga and meditation studios.

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Effective, well developed design does’nt just stop with beautiful natural materials and furnishings. Soul Shapes works with clients from that holistic framework, combining the whole picture of meeting both the internal and extrinsic factors to health and wellbeing. Healthy habits, create healthy lives and a healthy world!

I want humans to flourish, I want us to be happier + healthier than ever before! Frank Lloyd Wright was a an exponent of biophilia and was quoted saying. “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you” and to me, the term ‘SPACES WITH SOUL’ really means creating beautiful spaces that help us do just that!

Mel Sherwell

Interior Designer/Energy Shaper

SOUL SHAPES-Lifestyle Interiors

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