There is no denying it, we, as a human race are becoming more and more aware of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. We have seen rapid change in the health and fitness industry over the last 10 years. We are now welcoming a new swarm of foodies, yogis , gym junkies all contributing to the growth of the wellness sector, now worth approximately 3.7 trillion dollars $$$! Despite this, stress levels amongst us are at an all time high and we are still seeing increasing levels of obesity. It just doesn’t add up. Why are some of us thriving whilst the other half sinking? Is it because, in addressing these issues, our medical practioners are simply addressing only half of the picture?

Today I want to talk about how I see interior design in terms of enhancing and healing the total well being of a person and how it can be used to address what is potentially the missing link in treating this other half of the world who are not thriving.  I know what your thinking, what has interior design got to do with helping those suffering with mental or physical illness? To answer this, let’s first get to that missing link, what Doctors today are neglecting to treat, our energy body. 


As Jeffrey Allen , Energy Researcher/healer  likes to describe it, “we are not a body with a soul, we are soul with a body.” Think about that one for a second, it’s an interesting way to describe the idea that we actually don’t just have a physical body, but we also have an energy body. The theory of having not only a physical body but also a energetic /spiritual body is the basis behind many spiritual practices and with today's technology, we are actually able to photograph this energetic body which appears as colours in and around our body (auras). Our energy body is made of , you guessed it, energy and each frequency of energy can be seen as different colours, similar to that of a rainbow. A rainbow is not a physical, material entity, but does it exist? Yes it does, it exists in the form of energy and light. We all have this same formula of energy in and around our physical body and there are so many factors that affect whether our energy body is functioning at an optimal, healthy frequency. Still don't believe me? Think of it like this, try to think back to a time when you may have stood near someone, or had to work closely with someone and their presence just made you feel uncomfortable or perhaps the opposite, you felt great in their presence. Now ask your self, why? Why did that person make me feel like that? You may say their personality, or the things they said to me made me feel that way. Or perhaps you thought it was the sound of their voice.  Actually in some ways, all of the above could have been true, but really it was their energy you were feeling and you may have felt that way even if the person hadn’t spoke at all. Even if they were speaking to you, speaking in it’s self stems from, and is an expression of our energy body in the form of sound. Everything we do and say is manifested from our energy body, so keeping it healthy is literally the most important thing you can do for yourself!!!!

Now because our emotions, physical and energy body are all intertwined and connected, it makes perfect sense that if our energy body is not well, then of course it’s gong to spill over into these other areas causing depression and/or physical illness. Now this is a pretty in depth topic and if your wanting to know more I recommend you check out Jeffrey Allen over at or via his website . I have been fascinated with enhancing + feeding my energy body for many many years. Participating in meditation, yoga and eating foods with high frequency are all super beneficial to keeping your energy body at it’s best and I encourage you to look further into those areas too.

Now let's get back on track, interior design/energy body, what the!! Ok, so how can interior design play an important role in keeping our energy body healthy?

Colour influences the flow and amount of energy in our bodies.

Our energy body is made up of different frequencies of energy, similarily to the energy of light + colour.  Colour is simply the consequence of different frequencies of light.  Light consists of the seven colour energies: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Each colour is connected to various areas of our body and will affect us differently emotionally, physically, and mentally. By learning how each colour influences us as a frequency of light, we can effectively use colour to replenish and heal our energy body. This is the basis of ‘Colour Therapy’ and today I want to share with you how applying the principles of colour therapy in the home/office can greatly enhance our energy body and in turn our overall physical + mental health + wellbeing. 

Colour has a frequency which works either with or against our energy body.

Below I have listed colours and their energies and how they may be a positive or negative addition in a space. There is no one size fits all colour palette, it is different for every person. These are just some of the considerations I use when providing a tailored colour consult service to my clients. During the consult, my clients and I work closely discussing any relevant physical or mental health needs. I then create a palette of colours that will compliment and support my clients wellbeing goals on an energy level.  This holistic approach is how I create spaces that not only look beautiful, but also work to heal, uplift and most importantly increase the health and vibrancy of the clients energy body.



POSITIVE ENERGIES - Red stimulates the root chakra in our energy body and is said to produce an energy that enhances confidence, courage, love, willpower, masculinity, physical strength and power. Red energy helps those who suffer fatigue and poor blood circulation. It is said to help energise all the organs and the senses in the body. It is excellent for anemia and blood-related conditions as red energy causes hemoglobin to multiply. If your feeling physically ill and low in energy, confidence and drive you may need a good dose of red energy. Try bringing in some homewares that have some punches of red. Being such a strong colour, it may be something you want to introduce with small, temporary additions. Think a bold red vase in the living room, or perhaps a beautiful red throw rug that you cuddle up with on the sofa. Keep it to smaller pieces that are easy to swap out as you no longer need.



Red energy Is known to increase frustration and aggression and because it is a highly stimulative energy it is so not suited to those with a short fuse or those who suffer from insomnia or who have an over active sympathetic nervous system. Avoid strong doses of red is suffering with high blood pressure.  (Red is not recommended for cancer as it encourages cell growth)



Orange stimulates the lungs, the respiration and the digestion. Known to increase thyroid activity, reduce inflammation and cramps. Orange (in mild doses) can be a great addition to a nursery as it can stimulate milk production in nursing mothers. Similar to Red, orange is a high energy inducing colour, similar to a burning fire, it brings dynamic vibration to a space and increases energy levels. Orange energy is very healing in that it is cheerful, enthusiastic energy. Orange has the ability to lift our energy and mood and move energy that is stuck or stagnant. Orange energy is benificial for someone who may be feeling they need a change or new perspective on life. Fantastic for business, success and progress. Known to be a lucky energy that attracts wealth, enhances charm, attraction and optimism. Orange is associated with the sacral chakra.


Too much organic can be a source of frustration. As it is an energy stimulant, again high doses are not recommended to those who may have trouble relaxing or suffer from aggressive tendencies. Orange may trigger people who have difficulty expressing their sensual side or those who are too materialistic. 



Yellow energy stimulates the mind, mental awareness, awakenings and the nervous system. Can help in healing or supporting those who have nerve damage and pain. Yellow energy can also energise the muscles, aids digestion and is an effective energy to help with conditions of the stomach, liver and intestines.

Yellow is associated with the solar plexus which is known as the psychic centre. Yello energy stimulates intuition, can heal psychic burnout and can energise depressed and moody people. It’s a beautiful energy to renew a love for life. Bring into an office/study to stimulate mental clarity, memory, focus and concentration. Helps us to retain information and enhances our mental ability to visualise. 

A cheerful colour, symbolic of the Sun, yellow energy brings a strong punch of vitality and lifeforce to all it meets.


Yellow can aggravate those who may be grieving or going through a major change of life. Although it brings a sense of rejuvenation, it may irritate those who are at not in a place to embrace life.  Small doses may be a gentle helping hand through tough times.





Green energy is extremely healing, grounding and peaceful. It is a neutralised colour as in although it has both an energizing effect and a soothing effect, it does so moderately. Green energy connects us with nature, our roots and place of origin. Similar to the philosophy of biophillia, green energy allows our own energy body to feel more connected to nature and in turn ourselves. This can be very grounding and balancing to an energy body. Known to help in healing and strengthening the nervousness system, green energy can help heal post traumatic stress, and those recovering from periods of high stress. 

Green links with and stimulates the heart chakra. Physical benefits are it boosts the immune system, aids hormonal balance, growth and rejuvenation. Aids digestion, stomach, liver, kidneys and gall health. 


Too much green may cause a feeling of wanting to escape and avoid reality. Those who may be affected by an excess of green energy may be more inclined to live alone rather than a warm family life. 



Blue energy is the color of truth and one of the most powerful of all the colours. Dr. Edwin Babbitt, in his classic, "The Principles of Light and Color," states that "The Blue Ray is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world." Wow that’s a massive statement but I have to agree!

Known to calm inflammation, high blood pressure, headaches, calm aggression and stimulate a sense of tranquility and calm, blue is definitely the colour of all colours, a very happy one at that. Blue brings about truth, wisdom, patience, healing and can promote prophetic dreams and astral travel. Blue links with and stimulates the throat chakra and can help those healing from conditions of the throat, laryngitis etc.

Extremely peaceful, magical in mid to light tones of blue. Dark blues can be moody and quite different in energy properties.


Too much blue may irritate those who are very disciplined, work aholics and those who perhaps are not in touch with their spiritual, energy body. These types may experience a sense of irritability and are best suited to smaller doses balanced with colours that counteract soothing, slowing down properties that blue can bring. Although these types may need blue more than ever, its about introducing the colour in a complementary, balanced scheme.



Indigo purifies the blood and can be of great assistance in healing issues relating to the eyes, ears and also benefits mental problems.

Indigo stimulates the brow chakra (third eye) and is especially benificial in enhancing our intuition. Indigo energy can help those seeking to find deeper truths that can lead to healing emotional and spiritual wounds in the energy body. Indigo controls the pineal gland which governs both physical and spiritual perception.


Too much indigo energy may cause anxiety as it is a stimulant for deep thought and reflection. Keep doses balanced with neutralising tones (white + black)  to avoid overwhelming the energy body with too much complexity. 



Powerful colours of transformation. Leonardo Da Vinci is quoted to have said you can increase your meditation practice by tenfold when you mediate under the rays of Violet, as found in church windows. Violet energies heal depression, melancholy, hysteria, delusions and alcohol addiction and bring spiritual insights and renewal. Physical benefits are they reduce over active heart rate, stimulate white cells, immunity and detoxification. Can induce sleep and reduce mental and emotional stress.

Mystical and magical, violet energy can increase creativity, connection with spiritual energies, psychic abilities. Stimulates the third eye and sense enhances ones compassion.


Too much can create an imbalance in the energy body. Excessive violet energy can enhance the esoteric realms of the energy body too much and actually leave us with a counter productive affect. Although it’s important to explore these realms and our connection with them, it’s also even more important that we keep our energies balanced in both the spiritual and material worlds.



White is the queen of all colours, for it is all colour vibrating at a frequency of purity and balance. 

Balance any of the other colours in the spectrum with white to create a neutralising affect. White energy purifies the energy body, healing any fractures or itensities that may need to be calmed. Use the same approach in your interior colour palettes.  Many forms of meditation call for a visual of surrounding ones self with ‘white light’. White light energy is often guided mentally towards ailments and is said to have intense healing and protection properties. Embracing white energy either through visualisation or through one surroundings is said to encourage enlightenment, both physical and mental health. It really can be used as an all over healing energy.


Too much white may cause an effect called white oxidisation. White oxidsaoon can feel cold, sterile and create an overwhelming bright white glare. This can, over short lengths of time be benificial for purifying but over time it may create a plateau and flaten the energy body.




The effect of the remaining colours on our energy body are just as important as those in the spectrum, but for today I’ll leave it there.

When creating a colour scheme for a client , I will assess the current energy body of the client and refer to all colours (in and out of the spectrum) and their properties and apply them appropriately.  If you are still not convinced that we can be manipulated to either a better or worse version of ourselves through colour, that's fine, but at least do me a favour. Next time you visit a favourite restaurant, favorite hair salon or any place that makes you feel really good, look at the colours and notice any trends and then really take stock of how your feeling.  Take notice of the colours and ask yourself if perhaps its the actually the colour scheme that’s making you feel something that draws you back. I garantee that once you start to make the effort to pay attention to this, it will start to make more and more sense in reality.

If your totally following along with the science and healing principles of colour, let me know below! Help others with your own experience, share and help those who may not be quite concinced that this is much much more than a bunch of airy fairy hippy stuff. This is science and you only need to pay attention to yourself and your surroundings to see the evidence is everywhere.  Find your true colours to find your true life!


Thanks for stopping bye x

Mel Sherwell

Interior Designer

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