Hey there, whoop it's that time again. Saturday yassssss.

Welcome to all the new Soulies!

If you're becoming a regular reader then thanks for stopping by again, I'm so happy to see the 'Soul Circle' tribe growing. 

Today I thought it would benifit us all to recognise it might be time to stop plugging into our phone and start plugging into ourselves and the beautiful universal energy we are all surrounded by. 

But at least keep reading this first! ;)  

I'm writing this as I sit on the train and I can’t help notice everyone is completely plugged into this small device in their hand. Of course so am I! Even the billboards out the window show people looking at their phones! What!!! .... even advertisements won’t look me in the eye anymore ! :(  

Think about it, it can't be good when we wake up in the morning and the first thing many of us do is grab our phone. Our first activity in the morning is to look at what everyone else is doing or saying .

This is not good! 

To be healthy and happy, of mind body and sprirt, we need to look with-in as often as possible, we need to really know ourselves to be happy.  When you constantly look outwards and never inwards you become disconnected from yourself, you lose the true awareness of who you are, what you love and your own purpose in this life! 

To be honest, I’m actually a huge fan of phones and social media. However,  I'm also recognising the ever growing need for us all to educate our selves on when it’s time to unplug from the madness and reconnect to our true self, regain perspective and a healthy mind / soul balance.  

So with that in mind lets look at a few indicattors that tell us when it’s time to unplug and some simple ways we can regain our energy and plug back into ourselves!


It's time to unplug when you start to feel the following ; 

*Either uninterested in life and what others are doing or you may be just TOO interested in what others are doing.

*Loss of energy & enthusiasm  

*Strange feeling inside, not quite sad but something doesnt feel right

 *Annoyed easily 

*Comparing yourself to others, #stalker

*Not feeling good enough, low self esteem

When you do feel any or all of the above it may be time recollaborate a healthy connection with yourself and the healthy, positve energies around you. Over the years I have gotten really good at recognising when I need to unplug and I promise you that you will feel amazed at how good this readjustment can make you feel. No one wants to be consumed with what everyone else is doing, it's not healthy and its not helping your own life goals!

So how can we make a solid committment to switch up what we are pluging into?



*Make a promise to stay off social media, other than a quick check, once at night.

*Create a sanctuary,  a place to meditate, do yoga and reconnect with yourself. This might be indoors or outdoors. (stay tuned for my post on 'The 7 steps to Zen' #comingsoon)

*Make your morning ritual about you and not everyone else, take a walk, a run and follow with 5 mins meditation. (that's all we need to see noticeable changes in our well being)

*Use your time wisely, de-clutter, have a spring clean out, rearrange your wardrobe, kitchen cupboards or even tackle the dreaded linen cupboard.

*Change things up with some new linen, cushions or maybe some lamps, make time to do things for you!!! #stoptimewasting

*Take at least 1 whole week to start watering your own garden, make time for the things in your life that need attention including your inner world and see the amazing transformation you can make in your overall sense of happiness.


Remember no one can make you happy other than you! So get back to you and say bye bye to that electronic, artificial world and get back to REAL life...... at least for a little bit then totally come back and say hi , then repeat as necessary :)


Enjoy your weekend! 







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