What's 'SOUL' got to do.... got to do with it? !!

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Morning, afternoon or evening fellow soulies! Happy weekend + thanks for stopping by to Selfie Saturday!

Today I want to talk about Soul Shapes + exactly what my business + brand is all about. Ok let's get really clear on exactly what I mean by 'SOUL SHAPES' & most importantly, when it comes to interior design, what's soul got to do with it?


Wow this is a big topic! Firstly I want to clarify a question you may be wondering,  "is the 'SOUL' in  SOUL SHAPES a religous thing? So this is a bit of a grey answer and out of respect for everyone's individual beliefs, I have to say both Yes + No.  

Truely the meaning of SOUL in 'Soul Shapes' is completely up to you. It is yours to do with as you like!  After all it's your Soul not mine :)

Confused ? Ok Let me explain.

The word SOUL (I sometimes refer to as Source) can mean many things to everyone + obviously it depends on your own personal beliefs. If you are religous and following the teachings or beliefs that incorporate a belief about your soul then for you, the SOUL in 'Soul Shapes' could most definitely have a religous meaning in your life. If thats you, thats great. I'm not about preaching to anyone what they should or should'nt  believe in and I respect that we all have to do what is right for us. If your not religious, then perhaps you could apply the word 'SOUL' as just who you are on the inside.

I do however want to share a little about my own perception + what the word Soul in my business name means to me.

I see the SOUL as (wow getting deep now ) the core essence of our being, consisting of an energy system that is eternal + ever connected to all things in the universe. In short, I  view my soul indepedently from a particular religion and more as a natural occurrence, a universal energy form that does'nt require praying to a specific god or the need to follow one specific set of rules in order to embrace + enhance my experience as a spiritual entity.  I must admit, that although I personally don't partiularly worship a specific religon/god/goddess, I do appreciate and follow many of the principles + beliefs of certain religions. There are some religious beliefs that resonate with me + some that don't. I am always learning and what I feel today could easily change tomorrow, but for the most part I have been pretty consistent in my current beliefs for many many years.

What I do believe in, with out and shadow of a doubt, is my free will to chose my own path and what works for me. This is also what I believe for others too! I also believe that through practicing a healthy lifestyle that includes clean eating, meditation, yoga + affirmation rituals, I can elevate my happiness and connection to my soul.

What ever your belief system on this, I want to emphasise that you are welcome to embrace the word 'SOUL' how ever you see fit. 

Again I'm really all about free will and what ever works for you and your soul :)


Ultimately, when you break interior design down into forms, it really is just a combination of many varying shapes, cleverly placed to create feeling, instigate action, aid fuctionality  + of course, add visual appeal. Over the past few years I have played around with the idea of how an energetic field is created through every interaction we have with our external world + how our external world plays a huge part on how our inner world is shaped. It is all very interconnected and neither are seperate from one another. This then lead me to consider how the components of a space all combine to create a feeling and evoke an action.   I wondered as an Interior Designer if I could play with shape + form in a way to create clever interior design solutions to help us enhance our soul connection and levels of peace + happiness.

 It makes sense when you think about the fact that a successful interior always considers how the design increases functionality. Why should we only consider extrinsic functionality? Yay extrinsic I mean the typical things like bench height, how the draw opens and closes etc., all very relevant and important. But why stop there? What about the intrinsic functional needs of the user? This is where Soul Shapes really is changing the perception of how to design and we are really aiming to lead the scope into a new + exciting design shift. 

Through this new approach to functionality, I have developed a collection of kitchen designs that are tailored to encourage clean eating for the soul, raw + dry ingredient storage and also the inclusion of indoor edible gardens. I offer home temple designs, where I convert spare rooms into duel purpose spaces -bedroom/meditation studio. I also design commercial yoga + meditation studios along with all standard practice, typical interior design solutions.  My approach to styling is contemporary, with a focus on creating 'Spaces with Soul'. 




It’s about tailoring design solutions to encourage healthy lifestyles + habits that ultimately increase our connection to source,  our happiness + quality of life. 


Why do I want to connect with my soul?

The next thing I want to talk about is, why would I even want to bother wasting time connecting with my soul? Many think, what a waste of time and simply zone out as soon as any one starts talking about these topics. If that is you, please, please for me, just this once, don't zone out and hear my story. Around 18 years ago, I had what some call an awakening, enlightenment , what ever the correct term is, I discovered a way to increase my awareness + energy levels so much that I felt absolutely amazing!  During that time I began meditating everyday and received an abundance of happy energy radiate through out my body + soul. I lost a heap of weight, I developed razor sharp concentration, focus + problem solving abilities. I lost all my fears (most :) ), became super confident and developed an overwhelming sense of peace in my life. It was also the first time I really understood that I am a spiritual being. Before then I also just viewed myself in the physical sense, just a body with a brain and of course a heart, but all of a sudden, I was like wow I have an eternal soul! Discovering that with in me was a powerful powerful source of energy that through meditation I could connect with, elevated my consciousness to the point where I began to feel as if anything was possible and that there where no limits to what I could achieve in my life. Look it really is a tricky thing to truely explain but if you have had this awakening yourself I know you will get what I mean. For those of you who perhaps are still like " what is she on about!" I need you to understand that I changed from a fragile confused girl, to a strong, healthy energetic girl who removed all the fear beliefs that had previously stopped me from embracing life. It was so life changing and I almost felt like a completely different person! Actually, in many ways I was a different person + it was all through connecting with my true core, soul/ source ( what ever you want to call it) I had deep realisations about myself + life that I never would have otherwise had.

Now the changes that happened in me where so so epically amazing and life changing, that it was then I naturally became dedicated to wanting to share + help others have the same transformation I did. I also decided I would spend the rest of my life researching + seeking new + powerful ways to increase my connection to source/soul merely for the simple fact that when my soul connection is strong + present, I am absolutely free, happy, peaceful + full of life energy.  As you could imagine, 18 years ago talking about spirituality, meditation + soul connection was no where near as main stream as it is today. Back when I first experienced spirituality I would share with my friends + family about my amazing spiritual discoveries and how if they would just take time to connect that they could feel amazing like me too! What I got of course was a lot of eye rolls, laughing, making fun of Mel the hippy hahahaa. Look I can laugh about it and I did back then too. But what I will say to the doubters is that this stuff works in a way that until you really really try it you will never understand and if all your going to do is laugh, then I say to you my friend, that in the end I will have the last laugh ;) 




Have a beautiful weekend and thanks again for stopping by!

Don't forget to take time to connect!! 


Peace Out xx

Melanie Sherwell - Interior Designer

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