#launch it   

I thought today would be the perfect day to talk about how to launch your own online business! Why?? Well today is the official launch of my new Interior Design business Soul Shapes- Lifestyle Interiors. #exciting #launchday

Ok, back to you! Now where to start, exactly! That is the question we all start with, my advice to anyone thinking about getting online is to just start!

It can be daunting, what will I call myself? What can I offer? Now these questions are really the two things you need to spend the most time on and it can really get overwhelming!

After returning from maternity leave, I have been working so hard on rebranding my services as a designer and it really has been so fun but a lot of hard work too.

Anyway, it's Saturday morning, this is a little heavy for weekend vibes, so lets keep it nice and simple for today. If you do find some time to relax with a note book and you want to start letting your mind wander over to #goals #dreams then here a couple starting point questions to ask your self.

Have a go, let your mind flow, (whoops that rhymes, love that!) write down any idea you get from the questions below and next Saturday, I'll go through the next steps of "how to launch your online busines?".

Make sure you sign up to Soul Circle so you don't miss any of these as there really is quiet a lot of steps in the process and it's deffintely best spread out,  slowly at a comfortable pace. Chasing dreams does not have to be stressful! Relax, enjoy + ponder the following questions.

What do you love?

What is your passion? What do youu truely truely love about life? Write it down and be honest! Don't let fear get in the way of these answers. This is such a common blockage many have when they start to think about what they love or want to do, the dark side of the mind creeps in saying things like,

" dont be stupid, you cant do that" or "I cant do that and make money, I'm better just sticking to my day job, it's safe and secure"

All these stupid thoughts are incorrect and keep you from progressing and evolving towards your goals.

So I'll ask you again, if you had plenty of $$ and there were no fears blocking you, what would you do if you could do anything in the world?  If your answering, " I'd just lay on the beach all day" then this post may not help you, lol. This 'Launch it' challenge are for those who want to follow a dream, to make a difference and most importantly to feel satisfied with life. I can promise you, money does not bring long term happiness, only achieving your goals can do that!

What are you good at?

Usually the thing that you are good at, is similar to your passion! True story! So if you have trouble answering the above, "what is your passion?" Then spend more time thinking about "what am I good at"?" Now you might have trouble with this at first, especially if your super busy with your day job, family etc, you may not have had time to really think about what you are good at.

I can say that I honestly believe we all have something we are slightly better at than others. We don't have to be the best at it to say "we are good at it" so again, keep those negative thoughts away like "oh there so many people alreay doing it" or " I'm ok but not that good", again, stupid stupid goal blocking thoughts. No one is the best at anything, there is always someone better and there is always a way to get better! So let those thoughts run around your head over the next week, share your thoughts , questions below and I'll be back next Saturday and hopefully you may have had a few epiphanies and will be ready for your next 'Launch it" tips.


Melanie Sherwell

Interior Designer - Soul Shapes