Selfie Saturday 

Hey there, happy Saturday + more importanly happy long weekend!! Whoop!

Thanks for dropping in to 'Selfie Saturday'! For those of you who may be new, 'Selfie Saturday' is a weekly sesh on ways to improve your life from the inside out. I'll be delving into the many ways to design your life, from interior design for the soul to increasing your connection to source + yourself!  With our busy lives it's sometimes hard to find the time to take stock + check in on our self. I want this blog to be your 5 mins every Saturday morning where you can reflect and perhaps tweak things up a little. 

It's all about you , so take a break, enjoy, it's Saturday! 


Today I wanted to look at how we can create new + positve, life changing habits through clever interior design. 

Did you ever think about how the lay out of your home affects the way you live your life? When you look closer it's easy to see that we really are just creatures of habit and you only need to take a squizz at a few typical house plans to see the common patterns that we design around.

So let's break it down a little.

A typical home has a kitchen, bathroom, living room, family room, theatre, bedrooms + if your lucky a gym ;)  Now let's think about the activities that we autonomously participate in when we are at home. So we cook, we eat, we sleep, we watch tv, talk and spend time with family.  In a nutshell, the majority of our activites are centred around the purpose of the rooms in the house + of course our needs as human beings. We all do pretty much very similar things at home + it's interesting to note that despite the fact that we are all very different human beings, with our own interests and our own free will, when we are in our homes, we are all very similar creatures of habit!  So today I want to explore the question.....

"How dependant is the relationship between the design + layout of our home to the types of activities we carry out in them?"

To answer this question, I want to first look closer at habits + what really is involved in creating a habit. A common theory on the foundation of forming habits is the 3 R's , REMIND , REPEAT, REWARD, you can read more about this in Charles Duhigg's book 'The Power of Forming Habbits' (see below) .

Now the theory goes that in order to create a new habit in a way that the new activity becomes an automatic part of your daily routine you only need apply the 3 R's to your desired goal. So you must be constantly reminded of the activity, you must repeat the activity + their must be some type of reward at the end of the activity.  So let's apply this to our home + look how a floor plan contributes to forming habits.

REMINDER; On a daily basis you walk past the same rooms and are reminded of their function which in turn become your daily habits.

REPEAT; A house doesnt change (too often). Seeing the same rooms + their functions every day, is  an unavoidable repetitive action that will lead to either a positive or negative habit.

REWARD; The pleasing result of engaging in each task. ei - eating = enjoyable, sleeping = rejuvenation, engaging with family= happy + loved ... you enjoy these activities, which reinforces the habit. You get it!

The lay out of your home really is a constant injection of the 3 R's into your life! Now lets all consider that a home floor plan is a pretty permanent fixture in your life, you can't walk in a different direction or take steps to avoid the habits that are formed from just living in your house.  So clearly your home is a huge huge influence on the person you are + the person you want to be!

With that in mind, naturally the next question is,

'What would happen if we changed the typical house floor plan to encourage different activites?"

Well I think it's fair to say if the 3 R's have any truth to them (which they do, there is a ton of research on this) you would soon see a huge shift in our daily routine, with a huge opportunity to introduce the formation of new life long habits! This is very cool!! 

What would happen if we included a meditation/yoga studio? What would happen?? Exciting things I tell you!! 

By creating an actual tangible space in our home to spend time connecting + rejuvenating our souls, we could actually, dare I say, change the world!  

Yes it's a big call, and it would possible take many years to see a cultural change, but could something so simple create a huge shift in our world? It is often the case that sometimes the answer can be so simple we don't even see it.  Imagine how our world would change if the new norm was to include a "Zen Den" in our typical floor plan! For those of us who already understand the absolute vital importance of taking time to meditate, it's really up to us to lead the way in creating this new norm!  Imagine the positive influence it could have on those who have never thought to try meditation!  One thing I know about society, as a collective we do behave similar to a heard of sheep, sorry guys no offence but you know (me included) we tend to follow each other + trends at the drop of a hat. With that in mind imagine the effects on our world if a new trend started, the 'Zen Den Trend' :) oh yes I LOVE IT!  You know it may sound a little far out and perhaps a little comical at first, but I love to look for positive solutions to the crazy world we live in, and I am so into this idea! There really is so much good that could come from an at home 'Zen Den!' The accessability of having a designated space to connect at home is not only ideal for time poor peeps who are already meditating, but again it encourages a deeper connection whilst enforcing those 3 R's and a more regular, fluent practice.  Could  this be the start of seeing meditation becomming as habitual as brushing your teeth in the morning! How cool is that!!! Damn cool! #nojoke

Now I can hear some of you saying, well not everyone can afford to build a room specifically for yoga/meditation and perhaps on some level it may be an extravagant addition.  With thousands of research all prooving meditation reduces anxiety, increases happiness and health, I think the question we really need to ask is;

 " Can we afford not to?"

With our rising rates of obesity, depression, suicide, do we really need to continue to prioritise a second living area or big flash theatre room over a place to connect, heal, revitalise and work on becoming the best version of ourselves? I mean it seems so so obvious that the initial rationale would be that this is an extra cost that most families can't afford. You know I totally get that, but honestly, I feel like that is a cop out excuse for those who really just don't get it!  We need to re work the budget or our thinking further because this really is a serious lifestyle consideration we need to make! You only need to look at how our world is to see that things need to change!! We can't continue to ignore the fact that our world is not at peace and we need positive change, positive solutions and I really believe that the new soul loving collective would agree with me. With so many people now practicing meditation + yoga, it's clear that this healthy trend is helping people in deep long lasting ways. It's those people, who like me will be more interested in creating a healthy, fulfilled home over the old outdated floor plan that typically breeds unhappiness + poor health. 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have your own 'Zen Den' already? Would you love a room dedicated to your practice, built in to your daily life in a permanent way?

I know I want this so bad! I currently meditate and practice in front of my fire place which is great when the kids are asleep! We plan to build a second story in our home and on the top of the list is my beautiful 'Zen Den' which will of course I will design :)  So with regards to the cost, I get it, this is not something we can all afford to rush out and do straight away. But is it something we could consider planning for in the future?

Yes!! A big fat namaste yes!!! :)

Anyway, enjoy your long weekend, make sure you  take 5 mins to chill, meditate, stretch + reflect and thanks again for stopping by.

If your thinking you might want to get in and try meditation or find out a little more on todays topic, I have popped a couple of books below that will get you sorted!

Peace Out xxx

Melanie Sherwell - Interior Designer

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