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Cracking the Colour Code for Autumn Interiors


Wow, can you believe it, here in Australia we are well and truely into Autumn 2018!  When designing Autmumn inspired interiors, I cant help but look to how Mother Nature changes colour in such a perfect, yet random way. We see Maples turning red to auburn. We see leaves going from greens to mustards all with the varying tones of browns, neutrals and then 50 shades of green (sorry couldn’t resist). Of course we also see these colours reflected in the many popular interior design projects & furniture /homeware collections of 2018.

So today I wanted to look a little more closely at the most popular autumn inspired colour palettes for 2018. I thought it would be fun to nut out how to work these refreshing popular interior trends into your own home,  and also look at the subconscious feeling and vibe these colours communicate.

When I’m working out what colours to put where in a space I like to work out what percentage I will add of each colour. A great way to do this is to jump on your computer, grab a digital sample of the colours you're considering and place them all on a blank page. Play around with scaling the size of each colour and play around with them, overlap them and change the layout and scale to get an idea of what proportions/percentage of colour looks best. Think about the feel you want and which configuration will be best suited to achieving that feel. Work out the percentage of each colour you're going to inject and then use the sizes of the furniture/finishes and accessories to determine what colour each piece should be in order to meet the ratios decided upon.


Burgandy, Navy + Green - Autumn Inspired Interiors

This palette is one of my favourites and it is definitely one that has been super popular in many interiors this year. When choosing a palette like this, the feeling created is one that is thought provoking, moody, intellectual, classy and perhaps a little regal. I would also say it has the potential to be quite grounding and somewhat serious, but there is something about the navy + burgandy that is quite magical. I’m not sure if I associate it with some cartoon magician from my childhood but it makes me think of magic and for that reason, this up there as one of my favs!

How to apply it?  If looking at implementing this palette into a space, I first would have to consider am I trying to create something light and fresh with punches of moody earthy tones or do I want to go all in and get that full moody, other worldly feel. If going all in for that darker mysterious vibe I would opt for 45% Navy, 25% Burgandy, 15% Dark Green, 10% Mid Green, 5% Light Grey . If going for a lighter , refreshing, softer version I would go 45% Light Grey, 25% Navy, 15% Burgandy, 10 % Dark Green, 5% Mid Green . There of course are other ratios that would work, and this is just a guide for you to tweak in your own way. I guess it’s just handy to see by changing the ratios of colour, we change the feel dramatically!


Blush, Rust, Mustard + Deep Plum - Autumn Inspired Interiors

This scheme is one that we are seeing all over the place! In terms of being fresh and new, the blush/rust/mustard combo is possibly one of the most popular schemes we’re seeing in interiors at that moment.  On the most part, to be honest, I’m just not feeling the red teracotta/rust tones.  This palette is already stretching me as I’m more typically into cooler tones, but for the purpose of those wishing to bring in some warmth and bold energy, let’s look at this palette in terms of ratios.  

Something to keep in mind is that this is a very trend based palette and because ‘this too shall pass’, it’s important we incorporate trend colours in a way that allows us to swap them out as the feeling passes.

I have to say, I do think, the mustard feels will surely past, so don’t commit to too many large investment pieces or difficult to change structural inclusions/expensive wallpaper etc in that tone. If you do, think of me in 3 years when it begins to look a little like ......ummm... well ...... you know what I’m getting at, that other thing that’s kind of mustard colour .......ok you get it 😂😂😂😂. For now, if you really must be ‘trendy’, then of course go for it, smash it, make it amazing, but let’s lets keep it classy San Diago  

How to apply it

The deeper, warmer , romantic scheme that we are seeing predominantly, for me, would come together with 35% Deep Plum (#5) , 20% Flesh Pink (#3) 15% Pale Pink (#2) 10% Berry (#4), 10% Rust (#6), 10% Pale Grey (#1)

If you’re keen to try this palette with a fresher summer vibe then I would go 35% Pale Grey (#1), 20% Pale Pink (#2) , 20 % Rust (#6), 15% Flesh Pink (#3), 5% Berry (#4), 5% Deep Plum (#5)


Lavender, Grape + Musk Pink - Autumn Inspired Interiors

What a gorgeos palette and I have to say this is more my JAM. It’s calming, relaxing with a little of those magic mystery vibes.  It’s also in line with Pantone’s colour of the year ‘Ultra Violet’ and although we are not quite going with the ‘Ultra’ we could say that we would be somewhat on trend with this palette. When we are working with colours that could perhaps be interpreted as feminine, there is a fine line between creating a space that is still somewhat androgynous, versus something a little more over the top flamboyant. When working with purples, there is that potential to take things from sophisticated lux to a not so classy, over the top, theme styled space.

How to apply it -

 For me, to get this palette working in a gentle, airy, androgynous, contemporary space, I would apply the scheme with the following ratios - 35% Pale Grey (#6),  20% Ice Blue (#1), 20% Grape (#3), 15% Lavender (#2), 5% Plum (#4), 5% Musk Pink(#5) . If the goal is to be super androgynous and somewhat subtle lux,  I would take out #4 Plum + #5 Musk Pink and add in %10 Black. Adding in the black will neutralise and keep the palette looking super sexy and perhaps have more of an appeal to both Men + Women.

If we are wanting to get deep into a purple/plum feast and are not shying away from a potentially over the top, moody space, then I would apply, 35 % Grape, 20% Lavender,  20% Musk Pink, 15% Ice Blue, 5% Pale Grey, 5% Plum. These ratios would definitely give you a balanced space that evokes a sense of romance, magic with a whimsical feel.

Which is my favourite Autumn Inspired Colour Palette?

Well, that is a difficult question and without sounding too much like a politician, I do like all of them in the right ratios. Getting that balance correct when applying colour is basically the major difference between a space that looks complete, balanced and harmonious to a space that is overpowering, uncomfortable and simply unpleasant to be in.  My approach is a very simple, logical way to apply colour. I think with a little practice, many of you will be able to improve on the way you approach bringing in a new colour scheme. If you are really keen to try some of these refreshing new colour palettes, these are my final tips on how to go forward.

My final tips on how to create your new Autumn inspired colour scheme!

1. Think about how you want the space to feel, what is the mood your trying to achieve?

2. Who else shares the space, does the mood/colours suit them? 

3. Do you really love these colours or are you being influenced by current trends only. Remember, it’s your money and you need to think this choice through.  

4. What pieces of furniture will you be keeping? Take a photo of them and load them up into PowerPoint (or something similar). Create a mood board and place colour swatches against the pieces that will remain, does it look balanced? Be honest with how it makes you feel! If your not 100% then keep re working the ratios.

5. The easiest way to implement a colour change is obviously through, cushions/throw rugs/floor rugs + art. Add your ideas to your mood board before (NOT AFTER!!!!) purchasing anything!!!! 

6. If you get super confused, email me and book a consultation hahahah ;). Creating a balanced colour scheme can be complicated at times and although my ratios/percentage application works well, there are those who just simply prefer to have someone like myself come in and sort it out. One of my specialties is creating colour palettes and if you think you would like some help, feel free to book a colour or design consultation via my online booking system. If your not sure about anything at all, drop me an email and let's have a chat about your goals.

Do you have a favourite Autumn inspired palette? What do you think of my colour ratios method, do you think it might be the trick you need to get your space sorted? Let me know, I’d love to hear if this helped you out even just a little, don't be shy ;) 


Have a gorgeous day, happy designing and thanks for stopping by

Mel xx


Mel Sherwell

Interior Designer/Stylist