Navy Feather - Revitaliser Roundie - Meditation Cushion - Mini or Maxi

Navy Feather - Revitaliser Roundie - Meditation Cushion - Mini or Maxi

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Create a soulful space to connect + unwind with the addition of this 'Mandala Living' meditation/yoga cushion. Let the 'Navy Feather Mini or Maxi Roundie' enhance your practice by giving you the postural support you need to keep you in the zone for longer.  Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly under a stretched back, or beneath legs in easy pose, the 'Feather Roundie' is the perfect contemporary accent piece for any space. Whether you use your 'Roundie' for added support in bed, on your travels or to increase your bliss time,  this brushed cotton cushion will be your new best friend.


Length = 35cm

Width = 35cm

Thickness = 12cm

Weight = 1kg


Length = 50cm

Width = 50cm

Thickness = 15cm

Weight = 2kg


( Please note all Mandala Living pieces are locally made in Australia. Most pieces are usually in stock however occasionally a short 5 day lead time may apply. For urgent orders contact us to confirm delivery date)

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Mandala Living  cushions, bolsters and pillows are all filled with sustainable fibres. All materials for inners are sourced locally and then handmade locally in Australia from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, buckwheat hulls or flaxseeds. Some products have also been infused with a unique blend of Australian essential oils and dried lavender to deepen your relaxation.

Filled with 100% Buckwheat hulls- (The secret to it's flexible shape)

Handmade 100% Cotton lining. 

Cushion cover is made from Brushed Cotton/Removable for cleaning.

Features a convenient handle for carrying.